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Venezia stuns Juve, Ibra saves Milan in Serie A******

ROME, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Juventus failed to wrap up all three points against Venezia in Serie A, as it was held 1-1 by the newly-promoted Venezia on Saturday, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic's late equalizer prevented AC Milan from a defeat against Udinese.。

The Bianconeri made the trip to Venezia without Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski, and lost Paulo Dybala in the opening minutes, but it went ahead in the 33rd minute as Luca Pellegrini rolled across from the left, Alvaro Morata cushioned a volley into the net.。

The home side punished toothless Juve in the 55th minute as Mattia Aramu's left-footed volley went beyond an out-stretched Wojciech Szczesny.。

The tie, coupled with Fiorentina's 4-0 victory over Salernitana on Saturday, dropped Juve to 6th place with 28 points, two behind the Viola.。

Elsewhere, Beto's first-half goal gave Udinese a 1-0 lead, but Ibrahimovic's stunning scissor-kick in the stoppages time helped Milan to settle for a 1-1 draw.。

It is Ibra's 300th goal in the Europe's top five leagues, the Swede became the third player to reach the milestone in the 21st century, after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.。

The Rossoneri still ranks first with 39 points, but only two above Inter Milan who hosts Cagliari on Sunday. Enditem。

西安市夯实基层基础 二十万党员(志愿者)已到社区报到******

  本报讯 (记者任婷)西安市委组织部向全市广大党员(志愿者)发出到社区报到的动员令以来,全市党员(志愿者)积极响应号召,踊跃报到。目前,已报到党员(志愿者)22.6万余人,其中,党员16.8万余人,占74%。







  华商报记者 任婷

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支持4K 120p?索尼将发布新M4/3感光元件******

    不少朋友都认为M4/3系统的相机其实还不错,但主要是一直受制于感光元件没有太多的更新,总难让用户提起兴趣更新。不过似乎很快M4/3相机就会有更强的机型推出,一直提供M4/3尺寸感光元件的索尼近期就更新了旗下的产品,最高可支持4K 120p的视频。 

    据索尼的说明书中陈述,这颗型号为IMX472-AAJK的感光元件为2146万像素,内置12bit A/D转换器。即使以2089万像素,也可以以120fps的速度输出,这主要是加入了堆栈式设计,以提升读出的速度。换句话说此感光元件即使以5.7K解像度输出也可以拍摄最高120p的视频。 

    上半年松下已经公布本年年尾将会推出全新的M4/3旗舰视频微单,并己表明可以拍摄4K 120p申沛,这似乎跟这个新感光元件吻合,但大家也需留意有关GH6的另一点就是可以拍摄5.7K 60p规格的视频,那么就肯定不会采用只有约2000万像素老感光元件了。不过有传奥林巴斯方面也很快会有新机公布,只是不知道是否也将会采用这颗感光元件了,相信不少喜欢M4/3系统相机的朋友也会十分期待。 

Profile: Teen amateur golfer Yin to stand out from professionals******

By Zhang Yuanshinan and Wang Jingyu。

BEIJING, Nov.2 (Xinhua) -- Yin Xiaowen will never forget the night she was ordered to practice putting even after her golf club closed, with only the lights from her father's car illuminating the green.。

"I was really bored and annoyed at that moment," Yin recalled emotionally. "But when I realized I had made progress one day, I came to understand his decision and was full of gratitude."

Yin, 16, inherited her sporting talent from her parents. Her father Yin Jianhua was an amateur footballer for years and good at long-distance running, while her mother Zhang Chunyuan enjoyed badminton, tennis and swimming.。

Yin Xiaowen picked up a golf club for the first time when she was seven. The "whoosh" and "ping" of the club hitting the ball has been the soundtrack to her life ever since.。

"Golf gives me a uniquely different feeling from any other sport. I enjoy hitting the ball far very much," said Yin.。

In her first few months of playing golf, Yin unexpectedly won a children's invitational event. Her passion for the game grew rapidly and then she decided to receive formal golf training - two hours every day.。

At 10, Yin went to the United States for professional training and attended the Feng Shanshan Golf School in 2016. As the intensity of her training increased, the sport gradually dominated her life, even on holidays.。

Once Yin's mother took her to Tokyo's Disneyland Park. At the end of the day, she urged her mother to leave as she didn't want to skip her daily training.。

"Training and studying have constituted almost her whole life over the years. She took a day off only every two weeks," Yin's mother said.。

Years of hard work laid a solid foundation for Yin's steady improvement. In July last year, Yin became the youngest winner in China LPGA Tour history with a five-stroke victory in the Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Challenge.。

At Beijing Orient Pearl Country Club this year, Yin created more history when she won the Ladies Challenge to become the first and youngest-ever three-time champion on the China LPGA Tour.。

"I am happy to be the first amateur to win three times on the Tour, but I still have much work to do. Feng Shanshan is the role model for all Chinese players. Hopefully one day I can pick up the baton and win honor for my homeland like her," said Yin.。

With her driver swing distance reaching 280 yards, Yin already can match any of the world-class female golfers.。

Despite her young age, Yin has a profound understanding of the sport.。

"The difference between high-level athletes is small. What matters is the psychological condition," said Yin.。

"During a four-day event, I feel nothing on day one, but a bit stressed on day two. On the third day, tensions surge if I stay ahead. It is on the final day when 'buzzer-beaters' appear, and I feel very nervous that I will be overtaken at any time."

"But this process full of pressure and uncertainty is where the charm of golf is, I think," she added.。

Talking about her future, Yin has two goals - one is to officially qualify for the LPGA as a professional; the other is to represent China at next year's Asian Games in Hangzhou.。

"I admit that I have some talent in golf, but I'm not sure how far I can go on this pathway," Yin said.。

"Needless to say, it is a choice with complications for me to be an athlete in this field, but the only thing I can ensure is that I will keep it up no matter what results I get." Enditem。






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